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We are well experienced and professional Indian Tailor for all Gents and ladies tailoring in Blacktown, Sydney Australia .Indian tailor specialize in Tailor made Pant-Shirts, Kurta pyjama, Tailor made Punjabi suits, Tailor made Blouse and all type Alterations.


The saree (sari) is a long unstitched cloth, usually patterned, which drapes over the body, worn with a tailored blouse and usually over a petticoat. This garment ranges from 4 to 9 meters in length and it is used widely across India in urban and rural areas. I would consider this to be the staple of Indian women clothing. Our Indian tailor has 15 years’ experience for Tailor made Blouses. The draping style varies depending on the area of the country. The most common style is when the fabric is wrapped around the waist with one end then draped over the shoulder.

When you buy a sari, there is often an extra meter of fabric attached to make a matching top(Blouse).Our Indian Tailor can professionally made that Blouse with elegant styles and Fitting.


The Salwar Kameez is mostly worn in Northern parts of India like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. It consists of the salwar (loose trousers that are narrow at the ankles), and the kameez (a long shirt or tunic). In Southern India, this style is called the “Punjabi suit” or simply “shalwar“. This dress is worn a lot by teenage girls and many Bollywood actresses.

As Indian Tailor in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia we can Sew Salwar Kameez in different styles, Patiala salwar and Anar Kali Style

A dupatta is usually worn with a salwar kameez. A dupatta is a scarf that is traditionally used to cover the head and the shoulders, or used drawn over the shoulders and drawn back over the bosom, but nowadays it is widely used as a fashion accessory. The material depends on the one used for the suit and varies between cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon, and others.

The Lehenga Choli (or Ghagra Choli) is the traditional dress in Northern India like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

The lehenga is a long skirt which is embroidered and pleated. A choli is a midriff-bearing blouse worn also with a sari; it is tailored to tightly fit the body with short sleeves and a low neck. Finally, a dupatta is worn to finish the look, being tucked into the skirt then wrapped at the waist and then draped over the shoulder similar to a sari.

Different styles of lehenga cholis are worn ranging from cotton types for daily wear, embellished ones for festivals, or fully embroidered ones for marriage ceremonies. Our Indian Tailor can Sew or alter lehenga at reasonable prices



A kurti is simply a long shirt or blouse that falls below the waist and sometimes below the knees. This one can be worn for casual daily use or even as office-wear. Many times it is also accompanied by a dupatta (which we learned is the “Indian scarf”). It can be worn with salwar pants (wide at the thighs and narrower at the ankles), churidar pants which are usually narrow throughout the leg, leggings, or even jeans.

Some kurtis have two sewn openings on the sides where the fabric falls in the thighs. our tailors can sew different style and designs for Kurtis. Our Indian Tailoring shop is located at 24-30 Flushcombe Road Blacktown


We also provide service for Tailor made pant shirts, Table clothes and Chair covers. We do

Clothing alterations as well please contact at shopfront for further information


Shop 8, 24-30 Flushcombe Road Blacktown NSW 2148

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